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Get in the game at Barstool Sportsbook

Date Published: August 07, 2023
People having fun at Barstool Sportsbook

A good time at Barstool Sportsbook? That’s a lock.

The buildup. The tension. The anticipation. Every moment leading to the big game is exciting for sports fans. But when you’ve got a wager riding on the outcome, the wait can be almost unbearable.  

And that’s the beauty of sports betting.  

Wagering on games and competitions can level up the excitement of every game. Whether it’s a bet on your team or on the underdog, a bet on a sport you watch religiously or one you’re seeing for the first time, playing at a retail Barstool Sportsbook at a PENN destination can be just as exciting as watching the game live in person. 
People having fun at Barstool Sportsbook

It’s always game-time at Barstool Sportsbook

At Barstool Sportsbook retail locations, you can get the full experience. Pull up a chair and settle in for a day of sports, fun, entertainment — and killer food. You'll find literal walls of televisions playing nothing but the good stuff: HGTV. Just kidding. It’s all sports all the time.  

Place all your bets at the sportsbook — and keep the action going for as long as you want. Football, basketball, baseball, UFC — if there’s a game on, the bets are on. You can find exclusives at retail Barstool Sportsbook locations that you won’t get on the app, shop for official Barstool merch — and use the Bet Builder online to get all the info you need to make winning choices. 

And it wouldn’t be a proper sports bar without the right plates. Wings, appetizers, beers on tap — it’s all there. And it’s calling your name.  
Barstool Sportsbook Sliders

Is there a Barstool Sportsbook near me?

Right now, there are 18 retail Barstool Sportsbook locations throughout America. But as sports betting continues to grow in popularity, we’ll continue to grow our retail sportsbook footprint. And as sports betting laws change state-by-state, you can bet we’ll look for opportunities to get the Barstool Sportsbook name into even more locations throughout the country.