Environmental Policy

At PENN Entertainment, we are committed to safeguarding our natural resources and helping to protect the environment as part of our daily operations. Our commitment to compliance, conservation, communication, and continuous improvement fosters a culture of environmental excellence throughout our organization. In accordance with our commitment to environmental protection and stewardship, PENN Entertainment strives to:

  1. Manage all of our operations to meet or exceed applicable environmental regulations;
  2. Implement environmentally sound policies designed to reduce our impacts on the environment and our communities;
  3. In recognition that access to abundant, clean water is a critical need for the communities and ecosystems in which we operate, we pledge to minimize our water usage wherever possible;
  4. Engage with our customers, suppliers, communities and other relevant stakeholders on our environmental impacts and ongoing opportunities for improvement.

As part of our commitment to the environment, PENN seeks to monitor and report environmental data relevant to our operations, such as energy use and conservation. PENN Entertainment is committed to transparency regarding our environmental sustainability through public disclosures on our website.

Jay Snowden
President and Chief Executive Officer
July 1, 2021


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